About Annette

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Hi!! I’m Annette, I am the Over 50 Ultimate, Hot Mess Granny, who Loves… Jeeps, Beaches, Chocolate, Wine, Yoga Pants & Messy Buns.

I help women who are Stressed and overwhelmed break out of old patterns and create a healthy lifestyle, mind and body.

Living your best life often requires letting go of things that no longer serve you. I know you may think you have already done that but if you are not reaching your full potential, in a healthy and happy body while living an amazing life full of love, joy and passion there must me something lingering you need to clear out.

I understand where you are coming from because I lived it! 

Several years ago I realized that I had everything I had ever wanted but I was still miserable and feeling like I was unfulfilled.

I should have been enjoying life but I had this heavy weight on me that I could not explain and I felt guilty for feeling that way!

I made up my mind that I was not going to live my life feeling like a victim or blaming others for my unhappiness and I changed. Not only did I change my own situation but the people in my life started changing too.  

A rising tide raises all ships. 

When you change, the world around you changes with you. 

It’s time to join the evolution!

Annette Copeland, ND is the author of Dragonfly Into The Light. After her own journey of recovery from self-neglect and toxic patterns, Annette felt compelled to raise awareness about trauma and emotional abuse. She combines awareness and solutions while encouraging individuals to break harmful cycles and cultivate flourishing lives.

She believes it’s essential to practice emotional self-regulation and learn to recognize behaviors that cause repetitive patterns. Annette encourages everyone to look into their own experience in a way that will allow them to recognize and release behaviors that evolved from past experiences to create a life of peace and fulfillment. The book Dragonfly was written to encourage personal growth and to break the patterns passed down through generations and raise awareness about toxic patterns such as; gaining and losing the same 30 pounds or having the same relationship over and over again.

Emotional intelligence and self-regulation are the evolution needed in this world more now than ever. As we learn to respond instead of reacting to outside stimulus we not only empower ourselves and grow but we give others the permission and guidance to follow along. It’s time to equip humans with the tools they need to live fulfilling and amazing lives. Join the evolution!

“See it, Feel it, Process it, Release it … then carry the torch so that others can follow you out of the darkness.” Annette Copeland – 2023