I saw a post on FB the other day that asked what three words describe your life and the words AND SHE DID came to mind. I have faced so much adversity in my life. Mostly magnified by my limiting beliefs of how life and the universe work. I have always considered myself open-minded but when it comes to my world I have been very narrow-minded. Very critical and very hard on myself.

Learning to NOT do this to myself has been such a hard lesson/journey. It only takes one comment from someone to get my mind rolling on how true or false their statement is. Oddly enough if they say something blatantly wrong to me like “you are stupid” I know its wrong and I just laugh. If what they say is not such a strong statement, or maybe just a hint of negativity I tend to get stuck on it and actually find ways to believe its true. Like I am not good enough, or not smart enough.  Funny how I can say I AM NOT STUPID and be positive about that but I am ok with I AM NOT SMART ENOUGH!

It’s all about perception…. what you allow into your SPACE and what you do not. Are you using good words? Are you speaking kindly to yourself?

Are you able to shut out the noise? Can you even hear the noise or recognize it?

I at one point I thought I had checked off all of my bucket list items. I sang in multiple bands, had amazing jobs, found love and lost it. Have amazing grand babies! Traveled the world and passed my ND exam! I stopped looking forward. I got complacent and thought I was fine where I was. I learned that you must always have something to reach for, something to make you accountable for growth.

This year I have so many cool ideas for my life. I’m eager to find a new way to get more fit and stay there. I always get really fit and then let it go. At 50 I need to find something that works for me all the time. Since regaining my health with ketones I have the energy and the desire to live a much more active life. It’s about commitment and a desire to live my life for me… finally.

No more negativity! Only nice inner talk. I am a rockstar and I have so many awesome things to offer this world. But first I need to be me.

And I did do so many things but I will do so many more… no matter what anyone else says or does.

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