Change the way you celebrate to improve your health

First let me tell you that you should be celebrating more often.

You should celebrate every little win you have.

Got to work on time?   Celebrate

Drank your 100oz of water today? Celebrate

Didn’t yell at the annoying co-worker?  Celebrate

Now I know that celebrating is something you have not been used to doing for so many trivial things… but.. hear me out.

I know you say mean things to yourself like eleventy-seven times a day.

Why not consciously celebrate every single little win you have???  No really… why not?


I challenge you today to celebrate something today that seems so totally trivial in a big way… finished all of your emails earlier than usual…. happy dance..

Ate a healthy lunch?   Victory lap.

I DARE YOU to make celebrating your life so obscene that other people start asking you why you are dancing in the grocery store at 4 pm on a Thursday.

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Annette2022-01-09 07:00:17