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Calm Your Fight or Flight Response – Vagus Nerve

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Do you sometimes feel danger when there is none?

Is your body in a state of fight or flight most of the time?

Is stress your go to state?

Do you struggle to calm down after some kind of stressful event?

Thinking about what you should have said, or could have done better?

Always doubting the reality you live in now and comparing it to the past or being anxious about the future?

Are you gaining or not able to lose fat around your midsection because if stress hormones?


Your body has a system that was created to protect you from imminent danger. It was designed to kick your body, muscles and brain into action. This process interferes with digestion, mood, emotional stability and being able to return to a calm (rest) state. Sometimes when you have been exposed to stress your nervous system becomes confused and gets stuck, for lack of a better term, in fight or flight mode.  It’s called sympathetic dominance and it can be mediated by education, practice and awareness.

This course is designed to educate you on how the nervous system works while giving you real time daily exercises that you can use to begin to repair your over-excited system. Toning the vagus nerve and helping you cope with day to day life. You can learn to regulate your nervous system and reduce the amount of time you spend in action mode!

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