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#0006 – Perseverance versus Persistence which are you doing?

I woke up thinking about this topic today and what I found out was pretty cool.

#0005 – How To Create Momentum Towards The Life You Deserve with Darshan.

Darshan is a dear friend of mine who lives to uplift, inspire, and awaken people to live their fullest potential!  He is an author and a poet and this image is of him with Zig Ziglar!


#0004 – Join Pam and I on learning to release old blocks!

Pamela Aubrey has some amazing insight and skills to help people find and release underlying blocks! Join me to learn how she does it and why it’s so important!  She is an expert at Tapping and other ways to expand yourself!

#0003 – Entrepreneurial Endeavors and Freelancing with Emily Leach!

Emily beat all the odds and went against the naysayers to be a stay at home single mom! Listen to her story!  It’s so exciting and impressive! If you have considered starting your own business or wanting to freelance you should listen to this! You can find her on Facebook or visit https://www.facebook.com/txfreelance/



#0002 – Talking with Sloane about Self Love

My friend Sloane is a business & lifestyle consultant who guides people into their greatness. I have been through one of her workshops and I love her coaching!

She is a former business attorney and has worked personally with over 450 clients.

She helps them curate their lives and passion in the areas of business, lifestyle & pleasure. Visit her Facebook Page Here https://www.facebook.com/heartandsloane


# 0001 – Talking with Author of Dinner For A Dollar, Shelly Longenecker

Shelly shares her journey to save her seriously ill child by finding affordable food options for his specific nutritional needs. They were spending TONS on food every month! THEN she cut their family food bill in half! HALF!!!

She used this experience to write a book called “Dinner For A Dollar”
She is an amazing human and so much fun to talk to. Her story is so much more than what we shared in this video.

Go sign up on Shelly’s website here
👉 www.dinnerforadollar.co 👈 to get a free chapter of her book.

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