How To Get Back On Track

So you got off track… You lost sight of your goals or maybe you just totally abandoned them because of a multitude of reasons…

  • Social circumstances
  • Emotional upset
  • General stress
  • Too busy
  • UHHHH 2021?

You recognized your loss of direction now what should you do?

  1. Accept what you have done
  2. Realize you are human
  3. Thank yourself for your “failure”
  4. Celebrate the things you DID RIGHT!

Examining the cause of your dilemma

  • Look for a pattern of behavior
  • Identify triggers
  • Be aware of outside influences that could be affecting what you do

How to get back on track

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Don’t get on the scale
  3. Do not cut extra calories to “make up for it”
  4. Make sure to keep to your exercise regimen
  5. Track your food
  6. Create a vision board
  7. Eat slowly and mindfully

Longer lapses

Preventing future lapses

  • Eat a variety of foods colors are so important
  • Make cooking interesting
  • Develop other ways to have fun
  • Eat a healthy meal before food centered social events
  • Stay hydrated
  • Keep healthy snacks
  • Keep yourself occupied when on vacation
  • Go for a walk
  • Create Smart Goals…  Check out the freebie on this site. 

Join my group… do the free workshop listed above… Let me know how you are doing!

2022-01-02 07:00:02