How To Inspire A Sheep

Did you know that when you put crabs in a bucket they actually hang on to each other so much that they will pull any crab who tries to get out of the bucket back in?

I frequently remind people to avoid holding each other back when someone is reaching for a new goal or trying to see a dream come to fruition. You hear the naysayers say things like “I can’t believe you are going to do that!” or “I would never do that!” What is worse is what you hear in your head… “Am I good enough?” or ” Who do you think you are?”…  I could go all day on the horrible things I say to myself when I am considering doing something new. Honestly, I usually spot those things right off the bat and stop myself. BUT it’s the smaller things that really slow me down.

The things that keep me from going forward on things.

  • I will start tomorrow
  • I am tired, maybe after a nap
  • It’s Tuesday. Maybe I should wait till Monday.
  • I don’t look good enough, I will wait till I have makeup on.
  • I don’t feel like fixing my hair.
  • Those pants are too tight
  • That shirt is too revealing
  • I have a big zit!
  • This ice cream is really good!

I bet you can agree that it’s the small things that really slow you down too.

What does this have to do with a sheep?  Sheep stick together. Sheep feel safer in groups. Sheep don’t step outside the box. They are not inspired or driven to excel at anything except staying alive by being in a group.

Getting out on your own can be scary and intimidating. Stepping out of the status quo is a really bold move, but don’t you deserve something bold?

Aren’t you ready to achieve, earn, create, grow or feel the warmth of the sun on your face? I challenge you to think back to the first time you remember being really happy that you achieved something. Whether it was your first touch down or riding a bicycle, or maybe a dance recital. Who was there? Can you see, hear, feel or smell the moment you felt that pride, excitement or sense of achievement?

Sheep don’t have those moments. Are you hiding in the midst of sheep to avoid feeling singled out or failing? Sheep won’t cheer you on to success. They will only cry when they are scared! Like the crab, they will want you to stay in the bucket with them.

You can’t inspire a sheep, but you can step outside of the herd and inspire yourself to chase your dreams. BUT YOU CAN’T do it unless you begin. You must step out into the light and search for a new tribe. A tribe of people who support you, cheer you on and most of all understand that you are not perfect!

Yes, you will make mistakes. There may be pain, fear, loneliness but never shame. Stop trying to inspire sheep to be something they are not. Never feel shame in trying until you succeed because you never actually fail until you quit!

Let’s go out there and create our best life!


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