I Can Do It Myself

“I can do it myself.” Not asking for help is a trauma response.

It’s not being strong. It’s not being independent. It’s a sign that you are depending on the only person you know you can depend on. You!

I’m here to tell you that the world is a much prettier place when you heal your trauma and learn to find humans who are givers who are happy to have a give and take relationship with their friends. That’s what community does.

This is how the old settlers survived the harsh times of crossing this country with nothing but a wagon and their families. Community. They circled the wagons and worked together.

Life is not meant to be lived alone.

People need each other. For many reasons.

If you are an island. If you are all “I got this” and damn proud of it.

Don’t go it alone. Hold my hand. 


Recovering I can do it myself-er.

2022-09-21 10:36:48


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