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Playlists Can Get You Moving

I’m always surprised by just how motivating music can be when I’m pushing through a tough workout. It can give you that extra OOMPH to work harder and get it done!

Studies show music can help you fight fatigue, increase your focus, and even boost muscle coordination.

This week your challenge is fun and creative: make a FEEL-GOOD PLAYLIST!

Your goal: create a playlist of 25 (or more) songs that make you feel good.

🎧 It could be soothing music that makes you feel calm and relaxed – or ENERGIZING songs to motivate you and get you fired up!

What songs do you already know will be on your playlist?


If you use an app like Apple Music or Spotify for your playlists, let it help you find new songs.

  • Apple Music: find new choices for you in your custom station, or in your weekly “favorites mix.”
  • Spotify: listen to the weekly Discover mix, or in the app’s suggested songs
  • Prime: Look at the “Songs for You” in the home tab.

Plus all of the apps have custom playlists based on mood, genres, similar artists, and more!

What’s your fave way to find inspiring new music? Share your best tips! 👇

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