Talking Yourself Through It

Self-talk spurs action.

I am my biggest cheerleader because I know that I am responsible for my personal happiness. I speak affirmative words into my life each day.

When I eat healthily, my body and mind feel better. Although I sometimes feel like indulging in an unhealthy treat, I allow positive self-talk to discourage it. I am in a good mental place when I eat nutritious food.

I approach physical fitness with the same energy. When I tell myself how important exercise is, I am encouraged to be consistent with it.

Working out keeps both my mind and body healthy. Being physically active makes me creative and gives me the drive to keep pushing. I achieve greater success when I am fit from the inside out. I regularly remind myself of the importance of fitness.

My self-doubt hardly causes me to question my value or beauty. I counteract any signs of negative self-talk with positive reminders of my worth.

I am intentional about being kind to myself. As soon as I sense an unhealthy thought creeping into my consciousness, I change my position. Getting up and walking away from that place is both a physical and emotional denial of the negativity.

Today, the words that come from my mouth are encouraging and uplifting. They are words that encourage me to keep going and to ignore the noise around me. I am a winner and I remind myself of that today.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How often do I change my daily affirmations?
  2. When do I find the time to encourage others to speak positively about themselves?
  3. In which aspect of my life is positive self-talk most valuable?


Take it a step further!

I am capable of handling any challenges that come my way.

Life can be full of challenges. Challenging times are simply a part of everyone’s journey. Fortunately, I am confident that I can deal with challenges as they come.

In the past, I may have struggled with various obstacles. I am a new person today. I am acquiring and developing great knowledge that serves me well when facing new challenges.

I confront disputes head-on. This is the most direct path to finding solutions and conquering any difficulties in my life. I am capable and confident in my abilities.

I see challenges as opportunities. Working through them allows me to stretch my mental muscles and develop confidence. When difficult times test my capabilities, I make every attempt to maintain a positive mental attitude as I am working through them.

I welcome the opportunity to overcome any new obstacles. It strengthens my resolve and makes me even more skillful at handling whatever I am faced with in the future.

As I become more capable of handling stressful situations, my confidence grows. My current success breeds future success. I know I can handle anything that comes my way.

Today, I am bravely and confidently dealing with the obstacles in my life. I am confronting my challenges directly and solving them efficiently. I am grateful for the opportunity to rise above challenging times.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What challenges in my life have I been avoiding?
  2. What steps do I need to take to handle those challenges?
  3. What would my life look like if I aggressively handled all of my challenges?

2021-03-01 07:47:23