What if our understanding of Heaven and Hell is wrong?

Didn’t sleep well. So many thoughts. Too many funerals in the last month or two. So much loss and sorrow. I do have a question tho… what if?

What if when we pass from this earth our soul is washed clean, made pure, whole and perfectly innocent, all knowing and exactly the way the Bible explains it to us?

But what if this perfectly innocent all knowing soul gets to sit down in front of a movie screen and see the life they created through the eyes of the people they came in contact with?

What if it’s up to your soul, once it’s been washed clean and pure to lay judgment on your behavior while you were on this earth?

Would you be proud of the person you were?
If you saw your life through the eyes of the people you loved well, were kind to and fought for would you be proud?
If you saw the people you wronged or abused, or treated unfairly would you grieve?

What if this is the description of the difference between heaven and hell? What if you were given that video to watch over and over again? Through the eyes of the people in it?

This came to me this morning in the shower like an image I couldn’t let go of. It made me think. It made me cry for things I have done in the past that we’re not kind. It also made me very proud of who I am now and how many people I help on a daily basis. I’m blessed with my life’s purpose and the journey I’m on. I love helping people! ❤️

Thanks to this image…I’ll be giving more grace and judging less for sure now. Knowing that the ultimate end is me sitting in heaven with Jesus watching the movie of my life. Understanding that I did make some mistakes but I did so much more good. I’ll be proud to share my movie with him.

I just hope I get all of the things he wants me to do done before I go. And in the words of David Goggins I hope I get to write a few more things in at the bottom of the list. 🙏🏻




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