Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month

Do you have a favorite woman to celebrate?  Do you want to be a woman who others celebrate?

I have a few favorites:

Maya Angelou

Mel Robbins

Brene’ Brown


Women who have dedicated their lives to helping others achieve a deeper understanding of the human condition. Who faced challenges and decided to stand for something. Women’s History Month has been observed annually in March in the United States since 1987.  A legally declared month long international celebration honoring the contributions of women to history, culture, and society.

So much information is out there about how women shaped history and supported the world with not nearly as much recognition as they should have received. Making a difference in the communities they lived in and in the world while raising a family, navigating marriage and a career. None of those things are easy to say the least.

Are you proud to know an amazing woman?

What can you do to celebrate her this month?

I would love to hear your ideas!!!



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