Learning how to become the best version of yourself isn't easy or simple. If it was, everyone would do it. Congratulations to you for beginning your journey! One of my passions is helping people find their way to a more confident, blissful and abundant lifestyle. You can do this, too... with the right information and training!

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Your body has an incredible built-in detox system that works hard day and night to eliminate toxins. Use this guide to help you detox your body & home.

I started my journey to help people look and feel their absolute BEST, and this is one way for me to thank you for your support!

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Setting Goals That WORK

Create your best life with SMART Goals – This FREE course will help you create goals that are attainable and don’t break down your self esteem.

Resetting your expectations of yourself can be so freeing and support your journey towards who you are becoming.

Vision Board for Entrepreneurs

Have you ever created a vision board for what you desire? This workshop will help you create and achieve those goals.

Transform Trauma Responses

Transforming Trauma Responses

The Transforming Trauma Responses course is designed to help you recognize and address trauma responses, empowering you to achieve sustainable health, fitness, and emotional stability.Trauma can manifest in various ways, affecting our relationship with food, self-punishment, and the adoption of unhealthy habits. By gaining a deeper understanding of these responses, we can begin to unlock the path towards healing and transformation.

Calm Your Fight or Flight Response - Vagus Nerve

Our body has a system that was created to protect us from imminent danger. It was designed to kick the body, muscles and brain into immediate action. It's not designed to be ON alert all the time.

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I am so happy I found this course. I am teaching my family to be more calm. Thank you!

Sara K.

Annette Copeland

Emotional intelligence and self-regulation are the evolution needed in this world more now than ever. As we learn to respond instead of reacting to outside stimulus we not only empower ourselves and grow but we give others the permission and guidance to follow along. It’s time to equip humans with the tools they need to live fulfilling and amazing lives.

“See it, Feel it, Process it, Release it … then carry the torch so that others can follow you out of the darkness.” Annette Copeland – 2023


Is coaching with Annette for me?

Yes, Annette’s personal coaching is ideal for women who are already committed to their emotional growth and are seeking a deeper understanding of how to create more health, abundance, and emotional regulation for a fulfilling and confident life free from trauma. Her tailored guidance and transformative strategies will empower you to unlock your true potential and thrive in all areas of your life. Weight, Health, Abundance, Love… on and on.

Do you have a program for all the things?

The 12 week program is the “Audaciously Confident Blueprint,” a transformative journey designed to empower women to break free from repetitive patterns, cultivate a vibrant mindset, and create a life of health, vitality, and abundance. It’s a step-by-step blueprint to help you embrace your inner power, overcome limitations, and unleash your audacious confidence for a truly fulfilling life while also providing education on the 4 Pillars to Lasting Success.  Health, Mindset, Habits and Long-term Planning. 

How long is The Audaciously Confident Blueprint?"

The duration of my programs vary depending on your specific needs and goals. I offer many free courses and several layers of coaching options. I can help you find a program that suits your specific needs.  The longest program,  Audaciously Confident Blueprint is a transformative 12-week program meticulously designed to provide comprehensive support and lasting change. Over this period, you’ll dive deep into the core elements of confidence, resilience, and personal empowerment, gaining the skills and mindset necessary to conquer challenges and embrace a vibrant future. This program ensures ample time for you to integrate the learnings and witness remarkable transformation.

Is the Audaciously Confident Blueprint suitable for me if I'm new to personal development?

Absolutely! The Audaciously Confident Blueprint is designed for individuals at all stages of their personal development journey. Whether you’re just starting or have prior experience, this program will empower you with the tools and strategies to unlock your audacious confidence and achieve remarkable growth. Our step-by-step approach ensures that you receive the guidance you need, regardless of your starting point.

What sets the Audaciously Confident Blueprint apart from other coaching programs?

The Audaciously Confident Blueprint combines proven strategies, tailored guidance, and unwavering support to empower you in achieving audacious confidence. With a focus on practical application, you’ll receive actionable steps, personalized feedback, and ongoing accountability to ensure your growth and success. Our commitment to your transformation sets this program apart, as we provide a comprehensive and transformative experience that goes beyond surface-level change.

How can I make the Audaciously Confident Blueprint work within my budget?

We understand the importance of financial considerations when investing in personal transformation.  Our goal is to ensure that the Audaciously Confident Blueprint is accessible to everyone who is ready to embark on their transformational journey. Let’s have a conversation about your specific financial needs, and together, we’ll find a solution that makes the program a perfect fit for you.

Is there a refund policy?

Due to the digital content that is provided in the courses I offer a limited refund policy. If you find that the program is not a good fit for you, you may request a refund within 5 days from purchase of digital content. Coaching sessions and one on one coaching that has already taken place is non-refundable. I wish for you to be happy and successful. If at any time you determine that you need assistance please reach out to me directly to discuss options.  [email protected]

Will there be ongoing support after the program ends?

You will have access to the course information through the web portal after the duration of the course is completed. I believe in providing ongoing support even after the program concludes. Depending on the specific program, there may be options for continued engagement, alumni communities, or additional resources available to support your continued growth and journey beyond the program duration.

Can I order labs?

You can order your own labs and get my discount. Just go to the menu at the top of the page and choose order labs. I recommend that you ask me which panel to order before you choose one.

How do I login to the member portal?

The member login can be found in the menu. or by going to https://audaciouslyconfident.app.clientclub.net/